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Seller’s: eBay

COCONUT WATER EXTRACTOR, Coconut Water, Natural Coconut Water, Catering, Street Vendors, Foodtrucks, Fairs, Carts, Drinks, Bar Cart

Made of fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum. Rubber foot rests. Ice refrigeration system. Stainless steel 304 coil and tap for coconut water. Coconut opener in stainless steel. Small sieve. Small matching umbrella. * This extractor allows you to have ice-cold coconut water anywhere by easily opening the coconut with the stainless steel opener, pouring the water through a sieve into the coil, which is immersed in ice. As the water runs through the coil, it becomes ice-cold. Serve the coconut water into a cup through convenient tap dispenser.


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Karcher PUZZI 10/1 Carpet Extractor, Spray Hose With Integrated Water Feed & Hand Tool

Perfectly suitable for everyday use. With a powerful 12.5 PSI spray rate, the water and detergent solution is applied to the area being cleaned and picked up immediately by the vacuum nozzle. Cleaned surfaces can be walked on almost right away as very little residual moisture remains. Carpets dry up to 63% faster than those cleaned with other comparable products.Removable wastewater containerErgonomic carrying handle99″ Spray hose with integral water feed, 2.5 mHand toolIntegral accessory holder for hand toolCable hookPower cable, 7.5 mUpholstery nozzle Karcher PUZZI 10/1 Brochure


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HANIL Portable Mini Compact Dryer For Laundary & Food Water Extractor FD-08BL

102store G l o b a l s t a n d a r d 4 years Best selling of the year award HANIL Portable Mini compact Dryer for Laundary & Food Water Extractor FD-08BL ** Attention **This product is for 220v, 60hz.Most of your states is available in 50hz.You shall use a transformer (50hz-u003e60hz) together. Before buying it, please check it again.For this issue, We do not permit any return Description Multi-purpose Mini Spin dryer for Laundry or Food etc. – Model : FD-08BL (HAN IL Electric Co. Made in Korea) – Rated Voltage : AC 220V, 60Hz – power consumption : 50W – Maximum Capacity/ weight: 0.8Kg – Size : Outside – 250mm(Diameter) X 398mm(H) / Inside(basket) – 130mm (Diameter) X 145mm (H) – Timer : 1~5minutes. – Safety system : The safety brake will be operated as the lid open. – Charcoal Coating : Sterilization, Removal of hazardous substances – We provide the plugs some of countries (USA, Can.


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Thickened Water Extractor Barreled Purified Water Mineral Water Bucket Labor-Saving Bucket Lifter Large Bucket Water God Portable Ring Handle,Temu

Start your industrial journey today. Enjoy entertainment to the fullest with scientific products.


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VEVOR Commercial Juicer Machine With Water Tap 110V Juice Extractor 120W Orange Squeezer Orange Juice Machine For 25-35 Per Minute With Pull-Out

VEVOR Commercial Juicer Machine with Water Tap, 110V Juice Extractor, 120W Orange Squeezer, Orange Juice Machine for 25-35 Per Minute with Pull-Out Filter Box Acrylic Cover and Two Collecting Buckets Stainless Steel Structure Efficient Squeezing Ultra-Large Basket Pull-Out Filter Box & Water Tap Protective Acrylic Cover Ergonomic Details Voltage: 110V/50Hz,Production: 25-35 Oranges/min,Model: 2000A1,Product Weight: 96.8 lbs/43.9 kg,Material: Stainless Steel + Acrylic,Product Dimensions: 17.7″x13.4″x30.9″/45x34x78.5 cm,Power: 120W,Orange Size: φ1.6″-3.1″/φ40-80 mm


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8Pcs Screw Extractor Center Drill Guide Set, Broken Screw Extractor, Water Pipe Extractor, For Broken Screws, Broken Triangle Valve Easily Remove

Color: Red Material: Carbon Steel


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Tap Broken Wire Extractor, Triangular Valve Screw Extractor, Water Pipe Broken Pipe Extractor,Temu

Quantity: 6pcs/set Head Style: Double headed Assembly Required: No


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Lindhaus 14″ Lindwash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor In Blue/Gray, Size 24.2 H X 16.9 W X 19.5 D In | Wayfair | LNDH1006

The Lindhaus Companys many years of experience in the manufacturing of professional carpet cleaners has lead to the creation of this revolutionary floor scrubber. Lindhaus manufactures the Lindwash LW38 Class A machine with all the qualities and performance of large industrial scrubbers eliminating the bulky design, heavy weight and difficult maneuverability. This unique machine combines lightweight, agility, and practicality by utilizing simple water loading and unloading operations with the amazing power to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime. The custom designed motors are created exclusively for this machine by sister company Rotafil, an Italian company world renowned for producing the highest quality motors. High efficiency by-pass vacuum motor provides extraordinary performance of suction and air-flow. Universal brush motor controls the brush speed with perfect precision and provides overload protection with a reliable electronic system. – The dosing pump dispenses the exact amount of water to be uniformly distributed on the brush without wasted cleaning solution The soft scrubbing brush is designed to clean and protect most hard surfaces, a more aggressive brush is available for heavy duty cleaning requirements. | Lindhaus 14″ Lindwash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor in Blue/Gray, Size 24.2 H x 16.9 W x 19.5 D in | Wayfair


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