October 4, 2023

Restek Leak Detector VI, Includes Carrying Case, USB Cable, Universal Plug A/C Adaptor And Manual

Detects a wide range of gases and indicates the severity of the leak with both an LED display and an acoustic tone. No more waiting for a full charge – can be operated while charging or used up to 12 hours between charges. The charging set contains both a universal power supply and a USB charging cable, so you can charge anytime, anywhere. Detect very small gas leaks quickly and accurately before causing damage and downtime. The compact handheld device is easy to use and convenient to use wherever you need to look for leaks.


Seller’s: Analytics-Shop

Calibrated Power Stealth Boost Tester Leak Detector Tool

Is your truck not running as good as it used to? Excessive smoke, drop in fuel economy, increased exhaust gas temperatures, and a reduction in responsiveness are all related to a boost leak. Use this tool to find your leak and get your truck back to peak performance.


Seller’s: Diesel Power Products

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