September 26, 2023

Kapton Polymide Tape, 1″ W 36 Yd/RL, 1 RL/Pk

Kapton Polymide Tape. Polymide tape is a chemical-resistant tape that is manufactured with a high temperature silicone adhesive. Provides high heat resistance and tensile strength, good solvent resistance, and excellent dielectric strength. Temperature range is -100 to 500°F (-73 to 260°C). Meets UL-510 for flame retardant specifications.. Product Type Tape,Dimensions(ft/roll) 108,Material Polymide. Kapton Polymide Tape, 1″ W; 36 yd/RL, 1 RL/Pk.


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Tapes Master 1″ X 36 Yds 1 Mil Kapton Tape – Polyimide High Temperature Tape With Silicone Adhesive – 3″ Core

1Mil Kapton tape is developed by Dupont which is a HN general purpose film with silicon adhesive. Kapton polyimide films shows excellent electrical insulation properties, high temperature resistant, and excellent solvent resistant. Kapton tape combines excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties, and has been used in applications at temperatures as low as -273°C (-459°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F). Technical Data Sheet:Color: Amber Adhesion Type: Silicone Film Thickness: 1.2 Mil Adhesive Thickness: 1.5Mil Total Thickness: 2.7 Mil Adhesion to Steel: 25 oz//inch Tensile Strength: 30 (lbs/inch) Elongation: u003e40 % Dielectric Strength: 8,000 volts UL-94 Flammability Rating: V-0 Insulation Resistance: 1,000,000 mega ohms Electrolytic Corrosion Factor: 1 Insulation Class centigrade: 180°C Temperature Resistance: 260°C (500°F) Resistance to acids, oils, solvents: Excellent Length: 36 yardsDue to the variety of possible end-uses, it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to determine a product’s suitability for a particular application.Kapton is a registered trademark of DuPont


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APT, 1 Mil Thick Polyimide Adhesive Tape, Hightemperature And Heat Tape, For Masking, Soldering, Electrical, 3D Printer Application. (2″ X 36 Yds)

APT, 1 mil Thick Kapton Polyimide Adhesive Tape High temperature silicone adhesive, up to 260C and leaves no residue after peel away High performance, reliability and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties Used for soldering protection, masking circuit boards, electrical insulation and splicing wires 1 Mil Polyimide Tape with Silicone Adhesive are Polyimide backing and silicone adhesive offers outstanding thermal resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties. This tape is used where toughness, puncture resistance, extreme resistance to heat, and flame, retardance are required. Nominal Values Backing Thickness 1 mil Total Thickness 2.5 mil Adhesion to Steel 25 oz./in Operating Temperature Range -100°F to 500°F Rohs/Reach Compliant This Product Complies with the European Unions “Restriction of Hazardous Substances”(RoHs) initiative and with European Reach regulation.


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0.25″ X 5Yds, Polyimide Tape, B-Series

0.25″ x 5yds Polyimide Tape Polyimide Film, 2.5 mil, Silicone, B Series General Purpose Polyimide Film Tape B-Series is a polyimide film coated with a silicone adhesive for high temperature masking applications.


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Polyimide Tape – 1.0 in Width – 36 yd Length

Due to its large range of temperature stability and its electrical isolation ability, polyimide (equivalent to Kaptona) tape is used in electronic manufacturing as an insulation and protection layer on electrostatic sensitive and fragile components. It protects electronics and PCBs during fabrication. And its amber color makes for easy identification and removal, and it comes with silicone adhesive for easy release and no residue upon removal. Attributes Adhesive type – Silicone UL 510 flame retardant Max. Temp. 500°F Dielectric Strength: 8,000 volts Insulation Resistance: 1,000,000 mega ohms Elongation: 40% Electrolytic Corrosion Factor -1 Tear and Abrasion resistant Kaptona is a DuPont trademark for its Polyimide films.


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3M™ Polyimide Film Tape 5413 Amber, 5/8 in X 36 Yds X 2.7 Mil

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3m Polyimide Film Electrical Tape 1205, 9 mm X 33 m

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Polyimide Film Tape 0.250″ (1/4″) X 36 Yards

Lead-Free / RoHS 3 Compliant / REACH Compliant Product Highlights Amber colored 2 mil thick (1 mil without adhesive) polyimide film tape. Silicone adhesive provides superior high temperature performance, reducing adhesive transfer to help eliminate cleaning. Dimensionally stable at high temperatures. Flame retardant. Chemical and radiation resistant. Polyethylene tape core for better roll stability. Common Uses High Temperature Masking. Printed circuit board (PCB) solder masking for wave solder or solder dip processes. As a release surface for parts fabricated and cured at elevated temperatures. High temperature insulating applications. Specifications Backing, Carrier: Polyimide Film Adhesive: Silicone Color: Amber Total Thickness: 0.002″ Backing Thickness (Thickness – Adhesive): 0.001″ Width: 1/4″ Length: 36 yards (33 meters, 108 feet) Elongation at break: u003e50% Tensile Strength: 34 lb/in width (600 N/100mm) Adhesion to Steel: 29 oz/in width (32 N/100mm) Voltage Withstand: 5000 volts Operating Temperature Range: -73C to +260C (-100F to +500F) Maximum Temperature: +280C (536F) Flame Retardant: Yes Packaging: Roll Shelf Life u003e36 months Transportation This product has no shipping restrictions. Shipping below 0C (32F) or above 25C (77F) for normal transit times by ground or air will not impact this product’s stated shelf life.


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3m Polyimide Film Tape 5413, Amber, 24 in X 36 yd 2.7 Mil

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3m 5433 Polyimide Film Tape,12″ X 5 yd.

Polyimide Film Tape, 12 In. x 5 yd.



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