September 23, 2023

Ms.W 3 Colors LED Skin Care Face Neck Massager

Features: 1. Dolphin tail type, exquisite and novel but classic. 2. Arc-shaped cling to neck and body line. Seamless massage and energy send to every inch of the neck skin. 3. Three sound waves vibration mode. 4. Model memory function. 5. USB wire charging, is safe and environmentally. Three modes with intelligent timing function 1. Massage Mode: Massage your skin and eliminate acne bacteria, improving acne. Blue lighting inhibits oil secretion, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. 2. Relieve Puffiness Mode: Dredge the lymphatic & edema, eliminate puffiness, and double chin. Green Light calms the skin and has balance and stability. 3. Wrinkle and Lifting Mode: Increases cell vitality, accelerates blood circulation and has a significant effect in smoothing fine lines, and wrinkles, and firming skin. Red Light accelerates blood circulation, improves metabolism, and promotes collagen fiber synthesis. 1. High-speed mode (red light) Heating, high vibration sense Vibration frequency: 12500 times/ minute Red light makes cell viability enhance, accelerates blood circulation, and promotes fiber cell nucleus collagen growth. It has an obvious effect to smooth lines wrinkles and wrinkles, firm skin, fade out melanin and scar and so on. 2. Middle-speed mode (green light) Heating, middle vibration sense, the temperature is 50 degrees with 5 degrees plus or minus. Vibration frequency: 9500 times/ minute Greenlight can improve cells’ oxygen, according to alternate function, promote body stomach circulation, dredge lymphoid and edema, and also has the effect of calming skin with equilibrium and stability. 3. Low-speed mode (blue light) Normal temperature, low vibration sense. Vibration frequency: 6200 times/ minute Blue light is the coldest light, it can promote the combination of albumen and avitene, activate the skin, tighten loose skin, shrink pores, extremely improve oily and sensitive skin. Using steps: 1. Apply some skin care products on the neck and face 2. Use the massage head close to the neck, lift from the bottom several times 3. Then fit the face skin and lift, making the skin tightened 4. Lift along the wrinkles, remove double chin, smile lines, and eye wrinkles, and activates skin cell Warm tips: 1. You cannot use this product when charging. 2. You feel discomfort or appear abnormal skin during using process, please stop using immediately. 3. This product has not waterproof function. 4. You just need a clean cloth to wipe the product. 5. It flashes a red light when the low battery, flashes blue lights when charging, and long blue light when charging is finished. 6. It automatically close after 2 minutes if not used. 7. It is advised to use 5-10 minutes every time. Package Includes: Ms.W Face Neck beauty machine x1 USB wire x1 Double-faced velvet cleaning cloth x1 Instruction x1 (pack in retail box, suitable for gift and home use)


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Lc/Ms W/Website [With Cd-Rom] By Marvin C Mcmaster

A practical guide to using and maintaining an LC/MS system The combination of liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) has become the laboratory tool of choice for a broad range of industries that require the separation, analysis, and purification of mixtures of organic compounds. LC/MS: A Practical User’s Guide provides LC/MS users with an easy-to-use, hands-on reference that focuses on the practical applications of LC/MS and introduces the equipment and techniques needed to use LC/MS successfully. Following a thorough explanation of the basic components and operation of the LC/MS system, the author presents empirical methods for optimizing the techniques, maintaining the instrumentation, and choosing the appropriate MS or LC/MS analyzer for any given problem. LC/MS covers everything users need to know about: The latest equipment, including quadrupole, time-of-flight, and ion trap analyzers Cutting-edge processes, such as preparing HPLC mobile phases and samples; handling and maintaining a wide variety of silica, zirconium, and polymeric separation columns; interpreting and quantifying mass spectral data; and using MS interfaces Current and future applications in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, biotechnology, clinical research, environmental studies, and forensics An accompanying PowerPoint(R) slide-set on CD-ROM provides vital teaching tools for instructors and new equipment operators. Abundantly illustrated and easily accessible, the text is designed to help students and practitioners acquire optimum proficiency in this powerful and rapidly advancing analytical application.


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Mississippi Blues (DVD) W/ Bernard Tavernier & Robert Parrish NEW NTSC – New Electronics

Mississippi Blues (DVD) w/ Bernard Tavernier & Robert Parrish NEW NTSC


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Mississippi State Bulldogs Portable Picnic Table W/Sports Field Design

Mississippi State Bulldogs Portable Picnic Table w/Sports Field Design in Black is a compact fold-out table with bench seats for four that you can take anywhere. The legs and seats fold into the table when collapsed so the item is easy to store and transport. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. per seat and 20 lbs. for the table. The seats are molded polypropylene with a basket weave pattern in the same color as the ABS plastic table top. The frame is aluminum alloy for durability. The Picnic Table is ideal for outdoor or indoor use, whenever you need an extra table and seats. It includes a hole in the center of the table to accommodate a standard sized beach umbrella (having a pole that is 1.25″ diameter or less). Pair it up with Picnic Time’s multi-colored stripe Umbrella (812-00-996) or solid colored Umbrella 5.5 (822-00) in red (-100), green (-121), blue (-138), or black (-179), sold separately.


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MS 70 2008 W American Silver Eagle Graded NGC $1 Coin PERFECT

MS 70 2008 W American Silver Eagle Graded NGC $1 Coin PERFECT in Coins & Paper Money|Bullion|Silver|Coins


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Ms Carita Wide Turn W/Truck ID: CWT-4

Ms Carita Wide Turn W/Truck ID: CWT-4


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General Pumps F205000000 GUARD MS W/O-RING

General Pumps – F205000000 – GUARD MS W/O-RING


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Autographed Aaron Northcraft Photo – Mississippi 8X10 W Coa



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2013-W MS 70 PCGS SILVER AMERICAN EAGLE 1 OZT .999 FINE SILVER COIN in Coins & Paper Money|Bullion|Silver|Coins


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“*2012(W) NGC MS 69 EAGLE* silver dollar \”WEST POINT MINT EARLY RELEASES\”” in Coins & Paper Money|Bullion|Silver|Coins


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