October 4, 2023

Lumex Splashâ„¢ Bath Lift By Graham Field | Wheelchair Liberty

The Lumex Splashâ„¢ Bath Lift the lightest, most affordable battery-powered bath lift in the market. While only weighing 14.3 lbs the Splash Bath Lift can support 280 lbs. comfortably and with dignity. The Splash Bath Lift features a fixed back design which offers more legroom by allowing the bath lift to fit closer to the back of the tub. This bath lift is also design with a low seat level allowing the user to immerse deeper into the tub for a better bathing experience. The Splash Bath Lift is equipped with a remote control that features very simple up and down buttons for easy operation. This bath lift features a battery level indicator with a stop descent feature for added safety. The Splash Bath Lift comes in a slim, compact, and minimalist look that goes well with any bathroom interior design.


Seller’s: Wheelchair Liberty

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