September 23, 2023

Lead Roof Boot Vent Pipe Flashing – Adjustable For Flat Or Pitched Roof – Heavy Duty Roof Flashing System For Any Climate – Steel, Conduit, PVC, Or I

Lead boot pipe flashings are used to waterproof steel pipe, PVC plumbing vents, or iron soil pipes terminating through the roof. The highly malleable characteristics of lead allows for installation on almost any roof pitch. Unlike neoprene rubber gasket flashings, lead is suitable for all climates. It will stand up to intense UV exposure, giving you peace of mind long after the job is complete. These are made from 2.5lb per square foot sheet lead with an extra tall riser.


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Mayco LDFL12HDR Lead Flashing Roll 12″X20’/50 Lb, Roofing, By Mayco Industries Llc

“”MAYCO”LEAD FLASHING ROLL Lead Flashing Roll, 2.5 LB Per SQFT, 1.0MM Thick, 3/64″. Features: Size : 12″ x 20’/50 lb 1.0mm thick, 3/64″ For building, industrial, waterproofing, and shielding requirements Rolled from 99.5 percent pure lead or better 2.5 pound per square foot thickness Size: W 12″ / D 20″ / H 1″.”


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Jones Stephens R70300 3 Lead Roof Flash



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Jones Stephens R70400 4 Lead Roof Flash



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Jones Stephens R70200 2 Lead Roof Flash



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Sheet Lead 1/24 Inch X 1 Foot X 20 Foot Coil By Rotometals Roof/Sound

Lead Sheet has multiple uses, including radiation shields, packing and sealing material, gasketing, ballasts, and corrosion resistance lining. All forms are 99.9%+ Meet FED Specifications ASTM B749-03 & QQ-L-201f Grade C. Shipping- Lead is rolled up and sent in a box.


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4 Lead Flashing Roofing Materials For 1/2″ Emt

4# Lead Flashing for 1/2″ EMT 12″ riser on 12″ base 0.81″ riser ID Individually boxed


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4 Lead Flashing Roofing Materials For 1 2 EMT

4# Lead Flashing for 1/2 EMT. Individually boxed.


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Lead Coated Copper Ridge Roll Roof Flashing

Lead Coated Copper Ridge Roll Roof Flashing – Ridge Cap with Rounded Top – 10′ Length Flashing metal used on tile, slate and metal roofs. Available in 16 oz. and 20 oz. Lead Coated Copper. A Ridge Cap is a piece of roof flashing metal placed at the very peak of the roof, where the two roof slopes meet, creating the ridge. This is the very last step on installing a roof system. It is not only a decorative portion of a roof, but it creates a leak proof water directional barrier. A Ridge Roll is a type of ridge cap with a rounded portion at its very top. We offer one with a 3″ diameter circle. These parts are made to order per your choice of the roof pitch. Custom profiles and dimension changes can be quoted via email . Disclaimer: due to limitations in bending, we can only manufacture this profile up to a 14 pitch. However, due to it’s flexibility given by the rounded top, this can still be used on higher pitches. While installing, push down on the material to get it to sit correctly, or manually bend the round portion more prior to installation. End caps are available for pitches 15, 16, 17 and 18. Specifications * Material: 16 oz. and 20 oz. LCC * 10′ Lengths * Made to Order * Made in the USA (A) Nominal / Stock size Material (B) (C) (D) Closed Hem (E) Stock 3″ Copper, Freedom Gray, Lead Coated Copper 5.125″ 0.5″ 0.25″ 2″ 18″ 3″ Aluminum, Steel, Galvalume and Stainless Steel 4.125 0.5″ 0.25″ 2″ 16″ Roof Ridge Angle Roof Pitch Roof Slope Ridge Angle 1″ 4.76° 9.52° 2″ 9.46° 18.92° 3″ 14.04° 28.08° 4″ 18.43° 36.86° 5″ 22.62° 45.24° 6″ 26.57° 53.14° 7″ 30.26° 60.52° 8″ 33.69° 67.38° 9″ 36.87° 73.74° 10″ 39.81° 79.62° 11″ 42.51° 85.02° 12″ 45° 90° 13″ 47.29° 94.58° 14″ 49.4° 98.8° 15″ 51.34° 102.68° 16″ 53.13° 106.26° 17″ 54.78° 109.56° 18″ 56.31° 112.62° All dimensions are approximate with ~1/8″ tolerance. Submittals & Downloads PDF – Ridge Roll roof flashing metal Color and Material Options Material Options for Roof Flashing Metal and Edge Metal Copper Pre Patina Copper Freedom Gray® Galvalume Plus Lead Coated Copper Stainless Steel Zinc Copper is the most popular metal roofing and flashing metal. It is offered in 16 oz. and 20 oz. Freedom Gray® (zinc / tin coated copper) is offered in 16 oz. and 20 oz. Lead Coated Copper is offered in 16 oz. and 20 oz. Stainless steel is offered in 24 gauge 304 2B. Zinc is offered in 0.7 mm and 0.8 mm with a raw finish. Other colors, materials and thickness may be available upon request. Colors displayed for reference only. Please click here for a full selection of colors and materials offered. Ridge Roll Flashing, K&M Sheet Metal, Lead Coated Copper Ridge Roll Roof Flashing


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Jones Stephens 2″ Lead Roof Flashing With 8-1/2″ X 10-1/2″ Flange

Jones Stephens. Jones Stephens 2″ Lead Roof Flashing with 8-1/2″ x 10-1/2″ Flange


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