October 4, 2023

Inner Animal: A Riveting Story Of Natural Weight Loss And Internal Motivation Paperback – June 14, 2021

Inner Animal: A Riveting Story of Natural Weight Loss and Internal Motivation Paperback – June 14, 2021


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Pure Encapsulations Ultramag Magnesium | Supplement To Support Nutrient Metabolism, Energy Production, Bones, Muscle Relaxation, And Cardiovascular H

Phospholipid bilayer microencapsulation technology protects mineral in gastrointestinal lumen, increases dissolvability, and easily crosses membranes. Clinically studied. Promotes muscle relaxation, as well as bone and cardiovascular health UltraMag Magnesium utilizes an innovative microencapsulation technology to enhance the absorption of magnesium. This technology creates a phospholipid bilayer around the mineral that is similar to a liposome, increasing solubility in the gastrointestinal fluids and facilitating absorption across membranes. In a comparative crossover study, magnesium in the Sucrosomial matrix was compared to other forms of magnesium in human subjects. Twenty-four-hour blood and urinary magnesium measurements indicated superior absorption of Sucrosomial magnesium compared to magnesium citrate, glycinate, and oxide.


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5-In-1 Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules 2355Mg With Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric And Panax Ginseng Capsules – Cinnamon Supplements With Bioperine (120 Count

5-in-1 Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules 2355mg with Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric and Panax Ginseng Capsules – Cinnamon Supplements with Bioperine (120 Count


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Serotonin And Dopamine Supplements, Better Than Dopamine Or Serotonin Support Only. Helps Maintain Normal Neurotransmitter Levels. Mucuna Pruriens,

Taking a serotonin and dopamine support supplement is better than taking a supplement to support only dopamine or only serotonin. This is because Dopamine (motivation and reward) and Serotonin (learning and mood) work in a delicate balance. Unlike leading competitors, Dr Maxwells formula contains precursors of both dopamine and serotonin so it helps maintain normal neurotransmitter levels* Dr Maxwells formula contains precursors of both dopamine and serotonin, unlike leading competitors. Our formula contains concentrated Mucuna Pruriens seed extract standardized to 60% (vs. 15 – 20% in leading competitors), a better precursor of dopamine than L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine. It also contains 5-HTP, a better precursor of serotonin than Tryptophan* Mood support and relaxation: Dr Maxwells formula provides Magnesium and Vitamin D3 to support overall well-being, mood and relaxation* Focus and brain support: our formula contains Ashwagandha, L-theanine and Taurine to support daily cognitive function and mental tasks* Superior formula and value. Dr Maxwells 4-in-1 formula provides 1) dopamine precursors, 2) serotonin precursors, 3) nutrients for mood support & relaxation and 4) focus & brain support. If bought separately, these would cost between 60 and 110$* Highest Quality, made in the USA from non-GMO, pure ingredients in a GMP and FDA-registered facility. Free from gluten, eggs, wheat, peanuts, sweeteners, shellfish and sugar* Please check the DO NOT USE section on the product label, which can be found among the product pictures*


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Solaray – Magnesium & Potassium Asporotates With Bromelain 120 Veg Cap

Solaray – Magnesium & Potassium Asporotates with Bromelain 120 Veg Cap


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Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse, 45 Servings, 12 Ounce (Pack Of 1)

Super Colon Cleanse was developed in 1986 and designed with the philosophy that your colon should be thoroughly cleansed every couple of months. Super Colon Cleanse products blend Senna, a natural stimulant, with nourishing herbs as well as good bacteria to help support the total digestive process. This healthful blend aids occasional constipation, gentle internal cleansing, eliminating toxins, nutrient absorption, and rehydrating the body.* Super Colon Cleanse is available in a variety of powder and capsule sizes. For more than 30 years, Health Plus has been committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality supplements available. To this day, they remain committed to their roots by offering a full range of innovative products that support healthier lifestyles and overall wellness. Inspired by purpose and driven by passion, Health Plus is raising the bar to a gateway for better health.


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Lions Mane Supplement Mushroom Capsules (Two Month Supply – 120 Count) Lions Mane Mushroom For Brain Support And Immune Health (Third Party Tested, G

Lions mane (also known as Yamabushitake or hericium erinaceus) is a dietary mushroom supplement that provides a number of benefits for brain and body health. Researchers have discovered lions mane supports the production BDNF and NGF which promotes the production of new neurons in the brain. Lions Mane hosts a number of benefits including immune system support, mood support, and cognitive function support. Our Lions mane mushroom supplement capsules are non-gmo, vegan friendly, and are made / tested right here in the USA.


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Planetary Herbals – Kudzu Full Spectrum 750 Mg 120 Tablets

The roots and flowers of the common kudzu ( Pueraria lobata ) have been used historically in China for anti-alcohol support. Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum(TM) Kudzu provides the roots, flowers, and a high potency standardized extract to deliver a full spectrum of kudzu’s constituents and benefits. In China, kudzu is also used to support winter health and relax tightness and spasms of the neck and shoulders.


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Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Juice Cocktail, Cranberry, 64 Fl Oz Bottle

Amazon Brand – Cranberry Juice Cocktail from Concentrate, 64 fl. ounces


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Nutricost L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex 750Mg, 240 Capsules – Non-GMO

Nutricost’s high quality L-Arginine + L-Citrulline complex delivers 750mg per capsule of these amino acids. Each capsule contains an ideal blend of 500mg of l-arginine and 250mg of l-citrulline. Bottles are available in both 120 and 240 capsule amounts. This supplements is non-gmo, gluten free, and 3rd party tested for safety and quality.


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