September 23, 2023

MEGATEK Region-Free DVD Player For TV With HDMI, CD Player For Home, Plays All Regions And Formats, USB Port, Durable Metal Casing, Remote, HDMI And

Measuring just 10.2 in (260 mm) in length, Megatek DP-260M55HD’s slim, compact design makes it a simple and stylish addition to your home entertainment system. The DVD player can memorize the resume point of the previously played disc, so you can pick up where you left off any time. With the supplied 5-feet high speed HDMI cable, you can easily connect to any TV with HDMI input, to experience full-HD picture quality and solid sound in a compact design. The full-function remote control allows you to easily control your player. Premium design with metal casing ensures good heat dissipation and reliability. What’s more, it supports photo slide show with MP3 music playback.


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Magnavox Dp100mw8b Dvd Player W Audio Video Cables Tested Works. No

Magnavox DP100MW8B DVD Player w Audio Video Cables Tested Works. No remote. I take several factors when deciding on pricing for my items: -Condition of item -Average Price of same items sold -Amount of same or similar items currently listed on ebay -uniqueness/scarcity of item When initially listing my items i try to give the best possible deal considering those factors. Will it be the cheapest? It depends, but I promise each listing is competitively priced. I usually activate the best offer button if the item won’t be as easy to sell, I don’t want to keep it for a long time or if I’ve had it longer than 12 months. I also keep shipping costs in mind as well and try to offer the most affordable and convenient shipping method possible. With that said I do want to move my items and feel free to ask because it never hurts….but if you’re trying to put in an unserious offer please note I will most likely immediately reject it because the number you see is typically a fair deal. I go to the post office every week


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Lg Bpm35 Blu-Ray Disc Player With Built-In Wi-Fi

LG BPM35 Blu-ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi Access premium content from providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube with the LG BPM35 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player. It delivers exceptional HD quality with resolution up to Full HD 1080p so that you can make the most of your HDTV. This LG Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi Streaming allows you to access advanced features that are not available on DVD, while also maintaining backwards compatibility with DVDs. You can output its audio into multiple rooms, and it also has a USB playback feature. The LG Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi Streaming – BPM35 also has the ability to stream videos from different providers. Harness the full power and enjoyment of Blu-ray technology and watch movies the way they were intended to be watched. Features . Blu-ray and DVD playback . LG player has built-in WiFi . Music (CD and USB) transmit to LG Multi-room Audio . Stream video content from multiple providers . USB playback . HDMI out . Dolby


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Panasonic DVD-F87S 5 Disc Progressive Scan DVD Player, Silver The Panasonic DVD-F87S five-disc DVD changer offers progressive-scan playback, Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Sound compatibility, and a slim design that makes it a perfect fit for any entertainment system. Other features include compatibility with DVD-Audio, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and CD-R/RW discs, as well as MP3 and WMA digital audio playback. This model also comes with a black finish. The five-disc changer allows you to keep up to five discs of any format in your player at the same time. A front-loading rotary carousel lets you change any of the four not-playing discs without disturbing what you’re watching or listening to. The Audio/JPEG onscreen navigation menu enables you to quickly search for MP3 and WMA audio files or view JPEG images recorded onto CD-R and CD-RW discs via an onscreen menu. This feature also works with CD-R discs that feature multisession recordings. The HighMAT (High-Performance Media Access Technology) feature, codeveloped with Microsoft, is a digital-media standard that provides a dramatically improved method of storing, arranging, and playing back personal digital photo, music, and video collections on recordable discs such as CD-RW media. Panasonic’s Depth Enhancer noise-reduction feature only processes an image’s background, helping to leave the delicate details of the main subject intact and providing sharp images with incredible depth. The DVD-F87S uses a 54 MHz/10-bit video digital-to-analog converter, which reduces digital artifacts to give you a better picture. When you play DVD movies encoded with DTS or Dolby Digital soundtracks, the built-in decoder processes all six channels of audio information (left front, right front, center, left-surround, right-surround, and low-frequency effects) without the need for an external decoder, and with the right audio components, lets you enjoy the amazing fidelity of discrete 5.1-channel surround sound. The decoder also allows you to control speaker configuration. Other features include picture control (brightness, color, contrast, gamma correction, and sharpness), disc program play, and disc random play. Tech Talk Progressive scan: Progressive scanning, otherwise known as 480p (“p” for “progressive”), creates a picture signal with double the scan lines of a conventional interlaced picture, or 480i, to create a noticeably sharper image. Standard DVD-Video players use interlaced scanning to produce a picture. Interlaced scanning combines two fields to generate a picture of 525 scan lines (480 of which are displayed). Your television projects an interlaced image by first scanning the 240 odd-numbered lines of one field (in 1/60th of a second), followed by the 240 even-numbered lines of the other field (in 1/60th of a second). A progressive video processor enables all 525 lines (480 of which are displayed) to be scanned at the exact same time. A television with 480p component inputs can completely scan the entire image in 1/60th of a second, so it only takes one field to build one frame of video. What’s in the Box Panasonic DVD-F87S five-disc changer, remote control, 2 AA batteries, AC power cord, composite A/V (RCA) cable, and printed operating instructions. Product Description Experience your favorite movies with theater-like quality with the Panasonic 5-Disc Progressive Scan DVD-A/V Changer with Multi-Format Playback and Dolby Pro Logic II. Features DVD-video and audio, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, HDCD, CD, CD-R/W, MP3, and WMA playback capabilities; 54MHz/10-bit video D/A converter; variable and auto zoom; picture control; advanced surround (V.S.S.); 192kHz/24-bit audio D/A converter; S-video, component video, 5.1-channel surround sound audio out; 500-line horizontal resolution; front-loading, 5-disc rotary changer and much more. Includes remote control. Silver. 2-11/16Hx16-15/16Wx16-1/4D”.


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Sony PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable: Fully Automatic Wireless Vinyl Record Player With Bluetooth And USB Output Black

Enjoy high fidelity vinyl from a modern wireless turntable. Easy wireless connectivity to your favorite Bluetooth Devices, Simple controls and high-quality build provide a smooth listening experience with the ease of modern technology. One-step auto Play lets you spin your favorite music at the touch of a button, while a newly designed tone arm delivers clearer playback of your favorite songs.


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Langogo Genesis Portable Language Translator Device, 100+ Languages Pocket Translator, Real-Time Voice Translator With Offline Translation, Built-In

Langogo AI Language Translator Langogo is specially designed to help people have worry-free travel experience. It is powered by 24 online translation engines and applies a single button design to ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency. It not only helps travelers overcome cross-language barriers but also provides mobile hotspot connectivity and the latest local information. It releases your smartphone from the burden of information searching and navigation so that you can focus on sharing the sights that charmed you with your loved ones along the journey. Two-way Translation Langogo can automatically recognize the inter-translation language which means if you say one language, it will translate another language automatically. A speech will be translated into voice and text records in real-time. In addition, Langogo is easy to use, and no more A/B translation button, no APP required. eSIM Inside Langogo has an embedded SIM card (eSIM), which saves you from the trouble of swapping SIM cards while traveling among different countries. So you can enjoy online translation and stay connected to the internet anywhere and anytime. Cutting-edge Equipment Powered by AI and neural machine translation, it translates speeches into more natural-sounding languages. It supports and up to 6 hours working time and over 7-days standby time (2200hAm battery). Langogo is getting smarter. More new languages and system features can be updated on the device. Langogo features a Euri AI voice assistant. It has notable skills to converse with you and find answers to local weather and exchange rates etc. More powerful skills like navigation, trip advice etc. are in development and will be available soon for future upgrading. What’s in the Box? Langogo AI Translator *1 Type-C Cable *1 Eject Pin *1 User Manual *1 Lanyard *1


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Yamaha CD-S303 Single-Disc CD Player, Black

This high-quality CD player is easy to operate and includes special features like Pure Direct, Intelligent Digital Servo, USB and MP3/WMA/LPCM/FLAC compatibility. Designed to Deliver Enjoyable Sound Quality Inheriting many of the sound quality features of the high-end CD player components, the CD-S303 CD player delivers sound that will satisfy devoted music fans. In addition to CDs, it also provides high-quality play of music files stored on USB memory devices via a USB port on the front panel. Extremely Sophisticated Circuitry and Layout Yamaha technicians devoted a great deal of time and effort to designing the overall interior layout of parts and circuit boards, a factor that significantly affects sound quality. As a result, the power supplies for the motor drive, display and USB sections, as well as the digital and analog sections, are individually isolated, eliminating electromagnetic interference among them. To achieve ideal weight balance for stable performance, the drive mechanism is located in the center of the unit. Short Signal Paths The highly logical and symmetrical internal layout of parts and circuit boards are designed to keep the signal paths on each board as short as possible. This purposeful design also keeps the paths between sections straight and short, minimizing the chance of signal loss or interference; something not easy to achieve. Pure Direct The CD-S303 offers Pure Direct, which is the same popular feature included in Yamaha amplifiers and receivers. By pressing the button on the front panel or on the remote control, it shuts down the digital audio output and turns off the display. This achieves the lowest possible noise interference and, therefore, the highest sound quality of the analog audio output. Well-Matched, High-Quality Parts Each of the individual elements in a CD player influences the sound quality, which is why Yamaha puts a great deal of effort into the selection and matching of parts and materials. A high-grade acoustic capacitor, a new low-noise, high-gain bandwidth op amp and the use of damping material under the transformer and around the signal cables are just a few examples of the Yamaha commitment to great sound quality. In short, the CD-S303’s internal sophistication is on a level generally found on much more expensive models. High-Performance D/A Converter Utilizing a 192 kHz/24-bit DAC, the high-performance D/A conversion system takes full advantage of the digital technology refined by Yamaha over a period of many years, ensuring excellent conversion precision, S/N ratio and dynamic range. Enjoy Your MP3, WMA, LPCM, AAC and FLAC Music The USB port on the front panel gives you an easy way to enjoy high-quality sound from MP3, WMA, LPCM, AAC or FLAC digital music files stored on USB memory devices. You can also play files recorded on CD-R/RW discs. Laser Pickup Floating…


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Mini Full 1080P HD Multimedia Player TV BOX 3 Outputs HD/VGA/AV USB & Card

Mini Full 1080P HD Multimedia Player TV BOX 3 Outputs HD/VGA/AV USB & Card Unbranded in Consumer Electronics|TV, Video & Home Audio|Media Streamers


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1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable With Bluetooth Connectivity, Built-In Phono Pre-Amp, USB Digital Output Vinyl Stereo Record Player With Magnetic Cartri

Authentic Belt-Driven System1byone Record Player is crafted with an aluminum die-cast platter, polished stainless steel spindle, and high-torque DC motor with durable rubber belt to produce uniform inertial mass for perfect stability and rotation. Built-in Phono Preamp and Analog Phono/Line Output Enjoy vinyl playback with any amplifier using the built-in MM-type preamp. Your turntable includes both Phono and Line outputs that allows play with or without a Phono equalizer. Built-in USB Digital Output Connect this turntable to your computer via the included USB cable and encode vinyl audio into MP3s for digitalized storage and playback on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Listen to your vinyl’s no matter where life takes you! Audio-Technical MM Phono Cartridge Included The included high-quality Audio-Technical Moving Magnet-type cartridge and stylus produces rich, warm audio and outstanding sound clarity. Wireless Connectivity Pair wireless speakers or headphones and free yourself of wires! Suddenly, the best place to put your turntable and your favorite listening spot dont have to be the same. Just pair and listen how and where you want to. Even better, no receiver is needed! Adjustable Counterweight and Anti-Skating Weight Indispensable to any classic turntable experience, take control of your analog audio with adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force. These tools combine to prevent scratches to vinyl by ensuring the stylus sits perfectly inside the records groove, keeping clarity on musical peaks, balancing channels, and providing freedom from noise and distortion.


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Magnavox Mwd200g Dvd Player No Remote

Magnavox MWD200G DVD Player *No Remote* This item is used and in good working order. There are noticeable minor scuffs and scratches as well as a crack in the bottom. The pictures you see are of the actual item and show any visible wear. Please note that only the item and accessories shown in pictures are included. Any additional accessories are NOT included. Manufacturer: Magnavox Model: MWD200G Cosmetics: Used Test Results: Tested for key functions Power supplies, cables, batteries, and other basic accessories are NOT included unless stated otherwise. All data bearing devices have been sanitized and tested to R2v3 standards prior to listing. By purchasing this product you confirm that it will be used for it’s originally intended purpose. ELECTRONICS CAFE GUARANTEE Thanks for looking at our auction! We are offering a no-hassle, full guarantee on this item – we’ll do what it takes to get five-star ratings across the board. We’ve been selling on eBay since 1999 – our customers are the most important thing to u


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