September 23, 2023

Of Blood And Fire – Audiobook

Of Blood and Fire Audiobook by. Published by Dreamscape Media on 10/27/2020. Language: English. Genre: Historical – Free with Trial


Seller’s: Kobo

Days Of Blood And Fire – Audiobook

Days of Blood and Fire Audiobook by. Published by Tantor Audio on 9/6/2022. Language: English. Genre: Fantasy – Free with Trial


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Of Blood And Fire – Audiobook, By Jennifer Jenkins

Natalia DAngelo has spent the last seven years planning for the day she can free both herself and her parents from the brutal clutches of slavery and return back to Valencia to find her little brother, Antonio. To everyone around her, even her best friend, she appears to be just another half-starved young man in the slave camp. This is only one of her lies and the key to her survival. But if someone was to see her chest binding or have other reasons to suspect her true nature, her mothers spell will break, along with the illusion that she isnt a young man at all. When a handsome quarry worker discovers Natalias true identity and learns her own father might be working to help the slave master, Natalia turns to a darkness within herself that shes willed away for yearsa magic of blood and fire that might be her greatest resource and most powerful enemy.


Seller’s: Chirp Books

The Crown Of Blood And Fire – Audiobook, By Connor Ashley & Carrie Harris

Lethal assassin. Secret princess. Good with knives.Larina Dracomeer has waited fourteen years to kill King Elrin, the usurper who murdered her royal family to steal the throne of Oramis. Whisked to safety and trained in the deadly arts, Larina has dedicated her entire life to become a cold-blooded killer, capable of avenging her loved ones.When a job opportunity arises to be the personal bodyguard of Elrins son, Prince Dezrick, Larina jumps at the chance to secure her place in the false kings court. Upon returning to her childhood home, Larina is caught off-guard by her charge. Underneath the facade of a spoiled heir, Dezrick is kind and dedicated to a future far different from his fathers totalitarian rule.As civil unrest bubbles beneath the surface and Larinas feelings for Dezrick grow more complicated by the day, she must choose between her desire for revenge or becoming the unexpected face of an uprising.The Crown of Blood and Fire is a thrilling fantasy adventure and the perfect read for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Susan Dennard.Grab your copy today and delve into the hot new fantasy that has everyone talking!


Seller’s: Chirp Books

Days Of Blood And Fire Unabridged Audiobook By Katharine Kerr

In the peaceful land of the Rhiddaer, Jahdo, the rat-catcher’s son stumbles upon a secret meeting between a city council man and a dangerous, mysterious woman. Suddenly the boy is tangled in a web of intrigue and black magic that drags him far from home. In the company of a blind bard, Jahdo must travel to Deverry to unravel the evil that binds him. But there the boy is caught up in dangers far greater than he has ever known. Two powerful sorcerers-one human, the other elven-are battling to save the country from a goddess gone mad. Their strongest ally is the mercenary soldier Rhodry Maelwaedd, a berserker bound to both women by fate and magic . . . and to the dragon upon whom all their lives may depend. Days of Blood and Fire begins an exciting new chapter in the chronicles of Deverry and the Westlands, with a story suited to new audiences and loyal fans alike. Days of Blood and Fire Audiobook Download by Katharine Kerr



Crown Of Blood And Fire, The: Assassin’s Revenge, Book 1 – Audiobook

Crown of Blood and Fire, The: Assassin’s Revenge, Book 1 Audiobook by. Published by OrangeSky Audio on 6/21/2022. Language: English. Genre: Fantasy – Free with Trial


Seller’s: Kobo

Fire & Blood (Hbo Tie-In Edition): 300 Years Before A Game … – Audiobook

Fire & Blood (HBO Tie-in Edition): 300 Years Before A Game of Thrones Audiobook by. Published by Random House Audio on 11/20/2018. Language: English. Genre: Epic Fantasy – Free with Trial


Seller’s: Kobo

Fire In The Blood – Audiobook

Fire in the Blood Audiobook by. Published by Random House Audio on 9/25/2007. Language: English. Genre: Literary – Free with Trial


Seller’s: Kobo

Fire In The Blood – Audiobook, By Ed James

DC Scott Cullen finds himself investigating two decades-old cases when a mangled body is found in a barrel of aged Dunpender Distillery whisky. Two men disappeared around the time the barrel was filled, nearly twenty years ago. As Cullen investigates, he finds himself steeped in twisted tales of family loyalties, lies and professional rivalries. Before he can find the killer, he needs to know whose body is in the barrel…


Seller’s: Chirp Books

Fire & Blood (HBO Tie-In Edition) Unabridged Audiobook By George R. R. Martin

Fantasy lovers, and fans of Game of Thrones will love this novel set in the same universe as George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice. It tells the alleged history of the Targaryen dynasty, in chronological order from Aegon’s Conquest to the ascension of Aegon III.The novels key takeaway theme is imperialism and colonialism. The Targaryens are a group of conquerors and invaders, no matter how sympathetic the individuals are. Their invasion was purely driven by hurt pride and desire for power. When King Argilac Durrandon requested Aegon to help defend him against King Harren, he offered his maiden daughter to Aegon. Aegon deflected the offer of the kings daughter to his bastard brother, which offended the king. After the king refused, Aegon decided to invade Westeros.Dragons were used as weapons of mass destruction and were the reason for Aegons successful invasion. This makes for a fascinating and dramatic invasion. Yet, readers may want to sympathize with and like certain Targaryen family members. The cool dragons and the likable characters blurs the lines in Martins narrative, making it difficult to see the dragons as weapons and the Targaryens as forceful invaders. Martin shows his audience his discontent regarding imperialism and colonialism, reminding us how easy it is for society to decide who rules based on bias. Even within the text, the maesters, who wrote the in-story histories, show their bias to the Targaryen reign. Martin uses propaganda, and the power of words to convince both the readers and the Westerosi of the Targaryen legitimacy.Fire and Blood is the first installment of the fictional history of Westeros. It details the series of events, including war and colonialism, and the Targaryen familys ability to ride dragons that propelled them to power. With the backdrop of an extensive fantasy world, Martin plucks through real world themes of war, pageantry and the European Renaissance to explore how imperialism and colonialism can be accepted by society when done so with enough sympathy, propaganda, and brute force. Fire & Blood (HBO Tie-in Edition) Audiobook Download by George R. R. Martin



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