September 26, 2023

Skin Envy – Face Moisturizer Serum (By Vitality Extracts) – Coconut Oil, Collagen, Vitamin E, Vegan, Frankincense Essential Oil, Skin Care, Sandalwoo

Skin Envy is a rich combination of some of the most prized oils in the world. Added to our base of fractionated coconut oil is the highly prized frankincense carterii from Somalia which has been researched extensively and found to hold countless anti aging and health benefits along with it’s cousin, also of somalia — myrrh oil. Both oils increase the luster and shine of the face and improve skin rejuvenation. Vanilla oil is also added to balance out the spicy scent and provides anti inflammatory benefits along with a wonderfully subtle vanilla aroma to the formula. The highly coveted and 100% pure and natural sandalwood mysore variety is included in the recipe to add a distinct aroma and increase the beautifying and anti aging strength of this mixture. Apply on the face and neck daily as needed. Continued use will increase vibrancy and tone the skin.


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