September 24, 2023

Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins – Book Summary – Audiobook, By Flashbooks

Cant Hurt Me by David Goggins – Book Summary Cant Hurt Me by David Goggins – Book Summary Important notes: This is an audiobook summary, not the original book. This book summary of Cant Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins contains explicit language which may be inappropriate for some readers. ABOUT: Navy SEAL. Army Ranger. Ultra-marathon runner. Ultra-distance cyclist. Triathlete. Motivational speaker. Guinness World Record holder for having completed 4,030 pull-ups within a 17-hour period of time Each of these accomplishments are part of one mans life-journey. His name is David Goggins, and hes the author of Cant Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds. In this incredibly inspiring autobiographical self-help book, David shares his journey of transformation, including how he went from being a 297-pound exterminator to one of the toughest men on the planet. The man has managed to overcome unimaginable pain and tragedy in lifeand still found a way to conquer his challenges and accomplish his goals. And in Cant Hurt Me, he combines his life story with a series of strategies to help you master your mind, defy the odds, and accomplish your own goals. Heres what youll learn about in this book summary:The keys to developing mental toughnessHow to hold yourself accountable to achieve your goalsHow to condition yourself to push past pain and adversity to accomplish your highest ambitions.and much, much moreTweetable Summary: By regularly and intentionally seeking difficulty and discomfort in your life, and by demanding more from yourselfphysically, mentally, emotionally, and spirituallyyou can achieve the extraordinary and make what you previously thought impossible, possible.


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Summary Of David Goggins’s Cant Hurt Me – Audiobook, By Falcon Press

Summary of David Gogginss Cant Hurt Me is a memoir about the authors unlikely rise from a boyhood plagued by violence and poverty into the elite ranks of the US Navy SEALs and high-endurance athletics. By mastering his fear, and pushing his body past its perceived limits, Goggins has achieved more than he ever thought possible


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Summary: Can’t Hurt Me – Master Your Mind And Defy The Odds By David Goggins – Audiobook, By Executivegrowth Summaries

Notice: This is aSUMMARYof David GogginsCANT HURT ME MASTER YOUR MIND AND DEFY THE ODDS.CANT HURT MEbecame aNew York TimesBestseller for simple reasonsDavid Goggins had a mission: the only way he could make it into the Navy SEALs training camp was to lose more than 100 pounds in less than three months. After years of neglecting his body, he went for a jog and keeled over in pain a half-mile later. Fast-forward a year, and hes engaging the enemy as a full-fledged US Navy SEAL. How the heck did that happen?Today, David Goggins is an ultramarathoner, retired US Navy SEAL, former Guinness World Record Holder, and all-around unstoppable warrior.Cant Hurt Mehas brought countless readers through Gogginss hell and back from an abusive childhood and impoverished adolescence to the pinnacles of human achievement. Goggins takes the reader under his wing not only to recount a fascinating journey but to explain the methods that he used to overcome everything that life threw against him.Simply, this summary is for anyone who dares toengage with the impossible.Our summaries are crafted for busy high-achievers who still have the insatiable appetite to keep learning and growing. Simply put,our summaries provide the fastest way to increase perspective and productivity, guaranteed.DISCLAIMER:We are convinced that our professional summaries will introduce more readers to the full book who otherwise would have turned a blind eye by the sheer commitment. Our intention is sincere in that readers could use this summary as an introduction or a companion to the original book, not as a substitute.


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Bait Of Satan: Unabridged Audiobook On CD

Escape the enemy’s deadly trap!  The Bait of Satan exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God— offense. Most people who are ensnared by the bait of Satan don’t even realize it. Don’t be fooled! You will encounter offense, and it’s up to you how it will affect your relationship with God. Your response will determine your future. If offense is handled correctly, you will become stronger rather than bitter. In this tenth anniversary edition of his best-selling book, John Bevere shows you how to stay free from offense and escape the victim mentality. With more than 400,000 copies in print, this audio book includes testimonials of transformed people who have read the original book and a devotional supplement, featuring discussion questions, scriptures, and prayers. You will find answers to tough questions like these: Why am I compelled to tell “my side” of the story? How can I fight thoughts of suspicion or distrust? What can I do to stop rehearsing past hurts? How can I regain trust after someone deeply offends me? This audio book will help you escape the enemy’s “offensive trap” as well as empower you to stay free of offense, enabling you to have an unhindered relationship with God.  Insert disc 5 into your PC to access a 30 day devotional.


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Hurt You Unabridged Audiobook By Marie Myung-Ok Lee

With echoes of Marieke Nijkamp and Jason Reynolds, acclaimed author Marie Myung-Ok Lees stunning YA homage to Steinbecks Of Mice and Men tells the tragic story of a Korean American teen who fights to protect herself and her neurodivergent older brother from a hostile community.Moving beyond the quasi-fraternal bond of the unforgettable George and Lenny from Of Mice and Men, Hurt You explores the actual sibling bond of Georgia and Leonardo da Vinci Daewoo Kim, who has an unnamed neurological disability that resembles autism. The themes of race, disability, and class spin themselves out in a suburban high school where the Kim family has moved in order to access better services for Leonardo.Suddenly unmoored from the familiar, including the support of her Aunt Clara, Georgia struggles to find her place in an Asian-majority school where whites still dominate culturally, and she finds herself feeling not Korean enough. Her one pole star is her commitment to her brother, a loyalty that finds itself at odds with her immigrant parents dreams for her, and an ableist, racist society that may bring violence to Leonardo despite her efforts to keep him safe.Hurt You is a deep exploration of family, society, and the bond between siblings and reflects the reality that people with intellectual disabilities are far more likely to be the victim of a violent crime, not the perpetrator. Hurt You Audiobook Download by Marie Myung-Ok Lee



Instant Time Management Unabridged Audiobook By The INSTANT-Series

(NOTE: Be sure to download the accompanying reference guide upon purchasing. You’ll need it to go through the audio. If you can’t access it, just contact us directly at to Manage Time and Get More Done Faster Instantly!How many times have you wished you could have done this or done that, or even worse if only you had had more time? There is not enough time as you may think you have to do everything you want. In fact, time is the only commodity you can’t get back. Time is invaluable, more so than anything else.If you ask successful people, what is the one thing they like to have more of in their everyday life (it’s not money) – it’s time; the time to do all the things they need, like work…then the time to do all the things they love, like spending time with family and loved ones, or having fun and enjoying life.The key is, you have to know how to manage time. YOUR TIME that is. Time management is a lot simpler than it seems, but many people are oblivious to it. The real secret behind time management is you have to properly organized and managed YOURSELF because you can’t control time. Time can NOT be controlled; it will keep going no matter what.Within “Instant Time Management”:* How to create a game-plan of action to follow within your schedule to get more stuffs done for the short-term and long-term with advanced planning and smart scheduling.* How to use the simplest things you have now within your reach as effective time management tools to stay focus and on track.* How to evaluate the progress of what you’re currently doing so you know you’re not wasting time doing things ineffectively.* How to handle the most difficult or missed tasks by optimizing your last-minute daily schedule to never leave anything undone.* Plus, custom practical “how-to” strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to improve time management skills….and much more.Life is short. Don’t waste your time. Manage your time now! Instant Time Management Audiobook Download by The INSTANT-Series



Once More To The Sky Unabridged Audiobook By Scott Raab

The powerful story of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, featuring dozens of never-before-seen color photos by the official site photographer.In late 2014, One World Trade Center-or the Freedom Tower-opened for business. It took nearly ten years, cost roughly four billion dollars, and required the sweat, strength, and stamina of hundreds of construction workers, digging deep below the earths surface and dangling high in the air. It suffered setbacks that wouldve most likely scuttled any other project, including the ousting of a famed architect, the relocation of the buildings footprints due to security reasons, and the internecine feuding of various politicians and governing bodies. And yet however over budget and over deadline, it ultimately got built, and today it serves as a 1,776-foot reminder of what America is capable of when we put aside our differences and pull together for a common cause. No writer followed the building of the Freedom Tower more closely than Esquires Scott Raab. Between 2005 and 2015, Raab published a landmark ten-part series about the construction. He shadowed both the suits in their boardrooms and the hardhats in their earthmoving equipment, and chronicled it all in exquisite prose. While familiar names abound-Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie, Mike Bloomberg and Larry Silverstein, the real estate developer who only a few weeks before 9/11 signed a ninety-nine-year, $3.2 billion lease on the World Trade Center-just as memorable are the not-so-famous. People such as Bryan Lyons, a Yonkers-born engineer who lost his firefighter brother on 9/11 and served as a superintendent on the rebuilding effort. And Charlie Wolf, whose wife was killed in the North Tower and who, in one of the series most powerful scenes, weeps on a policemans shoulder after delivering her hairbrush and toothbrush for DNA samples. Once More to the Sky collects all ten original pieces along with a new epilogue from Raab about whats happened in the years since the Freedom Tower was completed, and why it remains such an important symbol. The four-color book also features dozens of photos-many never-before-seen-and a prologue from photographer Joe Woolhead, the official site photographer for the World Trade Centers rebuilding. Publishing to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, it is a moving tribute to American resolve and ingenuity. Once More to the Sky Audiobook Download by Scott Raab,Joe Woolhead



Liar’s Candle Unabridged Audiobook By August Thomas

In this brilliant debut thriller, reminiscent of the works of John le Carre and Olen Steinhauer and infused with the authenticity of the authors travels, a young American State Department intern based in Turkey becomes “the woman who knows too much” and is marked for death.Penny Kessler, an intern at the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, wakes up in a hospital on the morning of July 5th to find herself at the center of an international crisis. The day before, the Embassy was the target of a devastating terrorist attack that killed hundreds of Pennys friends and colleagues. Not only has a photograph of Penny as she emerged from the rubble become the events defining image, but for reasons she doesnt understand, her bosses believe shes a crucial witness. Suddenly, everyone is intensely interested in what Penny knows. But what does she know? And whom can she trust? As she struggles to piece together her memories, she discovers that Zach Robson, the young diplomat shed been falling for all summer, went missing during the attack. And one of the CIAs most powerful officials, Christina Ekdahl, wants people to believe Zach was a traitor. What actually happened? Penny barely has time to ask before she discovers that her own government wants her dead. Soon, with only a single ally-a rookie intelligence officer fresh out of the Navy-she is running a perilous gauntlet, ruthlessly pursued by Turkeys most powerful forces and by the CIA. To survive, Penny must furiously improvise. Tradecraft takes a lifetime to master. She has less than thirty-six hours. And shes only twenty-one years old. This is her first real test-one she cant fail. Liar’s Candle Audiobook Download by August Thomas



I Ain’t Me No More – Audiobook, By E. N. Joy

Helen wasn’t just born the devious vixen of New Day Temple of Faith. There had to be something rooted deep within her to make her inflict and feed off of other people’s pain. Perhaps it was her own pain that she had suppressed for so many years-an unimaginable pain-that created an internal prison of which her mind was the only captive. But once the demons within her break free, those around her better beware, as Helen surely becomes the epitome of the saying, “Hurt people, hurt people.” In I Ain’t Me No More , Helen has no shame displaying that she hasn’t been saved all her life. Will the divas of New Day Temple of Faith think Helen’s worth saving? But more importantly, can God save Helen from not only her evil past; can He save her from herself?


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Want Me – Audiobook

Want Me Audiobook by. Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing Inc. on 9/9/2015. Language: English. Genre: Romantic Suspense – Free with Trial


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