October 4, 2023

Real Estate License Exams 2023/2024 Edition: Ace The Real Estate License Exam On Your First Try | Practice Tests Simulations, Answer Keys & Video Les

FINALLY AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, THE GUIDE THAT REVEALS ALL THE SECRETS TO PASSING THE EXAM ON YOUR FIRST TRY AND BECOMING A RECORD-SELLING REAL ESTATE AGENT! Are you looking for a guide to help you pass the exam successfully the first time? Do you want to get your real estate license without having to take the exam over and over again? Still don’t know what topics to focus your study on? Then read on because you have finally found the perfect book for you! Real estate is a highly lucrative and coveted career. Every year so many aspiring real estate agents face the dreaded exam, but only a few manage to pass. That is why, after 11 years of success in the world of home buying and selling and as an instructor of future real estate agents, I decided to make my experience available in “Real Estate License Exams 2023/2024 Edition” within which you will discover: The most effective strategies successfully applied for nearly 9 years to pass the exam brilliantly on the first try All the tricks for learning how to study smart, fast and stress-free A clear and in-depth analysis of the 7 topics you must know perfectly to have no uncertainty on exam day The most important real estate laws from all 50 states The #1 secret to becoming and remaining a top salesperson in the highly competitive real estate industry BONUS #1: More than 30 hours of video lessons to effortlessly learn 255 Vocabulary Terms and practice 720 real estate questions and explained answers to have a great simulated exam experience! BONUS #2: 3 sales techniques that every real estate agent wants to master, but only a few still know about! If you want to know how to make the most of your time to prepare effectively for the exam, don’t miss the contents of this guide designed especially for those who think they don’t have enough time to prepare for the exam properly and are unclear what to focus on while studying. There is no better choice than this reliable guide to getting into real estate on the first try and discovering how to succeed in this lucrative career! Don’t wait any longer! Scroll up and click on the “Buy Now” button!


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LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT OFFICE 365 BY READING JUST ONE BOOK! Office 365 is a cloud-based, subscription version of Microsofts popular suite Microsoft Office. Office 365 comprises the same essential applications as traditional versions of Office, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and others (depending on the plan purchased). Other inclusive apps are Publisher, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc. Office 365 features Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or Skype for Business Online, Office 365 enables security functions, data analyses, project work, real-time communication, social networks, and much more. To easily navigate through your Office 365 apps and fully explore the functionalities of the embedded apps, this Office 365 Complete User Guide was written to serve as an invincible teacher to you. This book starts by giving you a general overview of Office 365; what it is used for, how to get one, the apps embedded, subscription types, etc. Then youll proceed to book one titled Microsoft Word where youll be given in-depth knowledge of the concepts you need to know to use Microsoft Word 2022 professionally. With the help of illustrations, this Microsoft Office book will show you how to use the new Office applications and show you how to use them in real-world situations. This in-depth look at Microsoft Word gives students the skills they need to learn more about this useful tool. Readers will get a better idea of how Microsoft Word 2022 works and how it can be used with this book. It’s full of detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance with sufficient screenshots illustrations. Book two introduces you to Excel Basic Operations where beginners and newbies to Microsoft Excel will be given a solid foundation, background, and a beginners tour on the various functionalities and features packed in Excel, as well as the tools, resources, and abilities needed to perform simple data entries and visualizations. Anyone without a background in data analysis is capable of producing amazing formatting results and visualizations with the lessons provided in this guide. Furthermore, book three focuses on Excel Formulas & Functions where beginners and advanced users will be taught various methods of inserting formula expressions and functions. Major functionalities and predefined keywords are packed in Excel formulas and functions, as well as the tools, resources, and resources to audit your worksheet of possible errors. Anyone without a background in data analysis using Excel expressions is capable of producing amazing calculation results with the lessons provided in this guide. Book four ushers you into the Microsoft PowerPoint learning guide which starts with the basics and slowly introduces more advanced features as you progress through the slides. This way, you learn the ins and outs of PowerPoint step-by-step. This guide was prepared to help any beginner create amazing presentations without a lot of stress. Book five gives you all you need to become a pro in the use of database management app known as Microsoft Access. Here, youll be taught how to store, manage, organize and analyze a large volume of information on Access. Lastly, youll be taken through a crash course in Microsoft OneDrive as the book six of this powerful guide. Youll learn how to store, collaborate, and manage your files in the cloud-based storage system. All advanced functionalities of OneDrive are well-spelled out in this guide. In a nutshell, this six in one book fully encompasses the following: Overview of Office 365 Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel (Basic Functionalities) Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Access Microsoft OneDrive Take advantage of this compact guide to become a pro in the use of Office 365 suite apps.


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Planning And Control Using Oracle Primavera P6 Versions 8 To 20 PPM Professional

This book has been superceeded by ISBN 978-1-925185-92-8 (1-925185-92-3) – Planning and Control Using Oracle Primavera P6 Versions 8 to 22 PPM Professional. All scheduling software is difficult to learn for a number of reasons. None have the optimal settings when installed and Layouts, User Preferences and default options need to be adjusted to obtain the best possible performance. Usually the Help files do not connect the user to real life situations and do not explain the practical use of functions. Furthermore, there are many flicks and switches with obscure names that are difficult to understand or decide what they do or which are important. These issues make learning the software very difficult without a comprehensive guide written by an experienced user. Investing in a book written by Paul E Harris will address all these issues and allow you to setup the software properly and understand all the obscure functions letting you become productive more quickly and enhance your career opportunities and salary with a solid understanding of the software. This book is an update of the author’s Primavera P6 Version 8 to 18 book and contains a new section on Visualizer. The workshops have been updated so they start in the future. The book has been written so it may be used with any software industry version. The book is packed with screen shots, constructive tips and contains workshops with solutions at the end of each chapter for the reader to practice the skills taught. It has been written so it may be used with either the Professional Project Management Client version or the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Optional Client. The book is aimed at: 1. People who wish learn the software but are unable to attend a training course and find the software reference manual hard going. 2. Project management companies who wish to run their own software training courses or provide their employees with an alternative text to the vendor supplied user manual. 3. Training organizations requiring a training manual to run their own training courses. The book is designed to teach planners and schedulers in any industry how to setup and use the software in a project environment. It explains in plain English and in a logical sequence, the steps required to create and maintain an unresourced and resourced schedule. It tackles some of the more complex aspects of the software that the user manual does not address. It highlights the sources of information and the methods that should be employed to produce a realistic and useful project schedule. The book provides advice on how on how the many software options may be applied to projects environments and it aims to teach readers how to plan and control projects created within the software package and stays focused on explaining how to use Primavera to schedule projects by: Concentrating on the core functions required to set up an enterprise environment and how to plan and control projects. Providing command lists at the start of each chapter as a quick reference. Providing a comprehensive table of contents and index of all topics. The book is intended to be used: As a self-teach book, or A user guide, or A training manual for a three-day training course. This book is written by an experienced scheduler, who has used the software at the sharp end of projects and is not a techo. It draws on the author’s practical experience in using the software in a wide variety of industries. It presents workable solutions to real day to day planning and scheduling problems and contains practical advice on how to set up the software and import data.


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Comptia A+ Certification Study Guide, Eleventh Edition (Exams 220-1101 & 220-1102) 11th Edition

CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide, Eleventh Edition (Exams 220-1101 & 220-1102) 11th Edition


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Microsoft Excel VBA & Macros Master Class: The Complete Guide From Beginner To Expert With Ready To Use Practical Examples | Become More Productive I

HAVING NO EXPERIENCE WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL? BURDENED BY UNCOMPLETED CHORES THAT CONTINUALLY ACCUMULATE? TOO LAZY TO ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE ON IMPROVING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY? If the answer is YES, then keep reading! In this book you will get over 100 pages with real life examples and ready to use macros and applications to boost your productivity in daily work. After purchase you will get access to: Facebook group where I’ll support you Newsletter where i will give you tip & trick regarding Excel and VBA Lifetime access to file database with all examples and templates (updates included) E-Book : Excel – Control Panel where I’ll describe application for managing Excel (Download file included) Job market indicators demonstrate that the need for individuals with expertise in Microsoft Excel is increasing. Unfortunately, many people fear they will miss out on this opportunity due to the amount of time and effort needed to learn the program. As the business world moves quickly, becoming obsolete and replaced is a risk without developing the necessary Microsoft Excel skills. This book provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach for those wanting to acquire these skills without needing a base knowledge of the program. What do you gain? 100% certainty that the book will provide knowledge and application to boost your productivity product uniqueness great value and low price I’m sure you’ll find what you’re reading here in your heart You can return it up to 30 days after purchase – you risk nothing Then, you are just one step away to eliminate frustration and anxiety once for all: SCROLL UP AND CLICK ON “Buy now” TO BECOME A MICROSOFT EXCEL Expert!


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