September 23, 2023

AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Study Guide With Practice Questions & Labs: Fifth Edition – 2023

AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Study Guide with Practice Questions and Labs – Fifth Edition About the Author Nouman Ahmed Khan AWS/Azure/GCP-Architect, CCDE, CCIEx5 (R&S, SP, Security, DC, Wireless), CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, ISO27K-LA is a Solution Architect working with a global telecommunication provider. He works with enterprises, mega-projects, and service providers to help them select the best-fit technology solutions. He also works as a consultant to understand customer business processes and helps select an appropriate technology strategy to support business goals. He has more than eighteen years of experience working with global clients. MASTER THE FUNDAMENTALS OF AZURE IN 7 DAYS! Key features of this book: This book provides everything you need to become an Azure Cloud Engineer and prepares you for the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. The new edition of this book is packed with various resources, such as: – Content that covers a complete exam blueprint (updated in October 2022) – Practice Questions. – Mind maps – Hands-on practice labs. – Real-world examples – Exam tips. Book Description: This comprehensive guide to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is the ideal resource for anyone looking to start their cloud computing career journey with confidence. It includes basic concepts, real-world examples, practice questions, and hands-on labs. This intensive yet highly practical book is suitable for anyone, regardless of their prior experience in cloud technology, and will help them master the essential elements required to become an Azure Cloud Engineer. The book does not require any prior experience in cloud. The fundamental knowledge required to comprehend Microsoft’s Azure offering will be covered in this book. The topics in this book cover the fundamentals of what a Microsoft Azure subscription offers in terms of goods and services. For individuals who want to begin using cloud services and solutions in the Azure space, this is a great course to start. What you will learn: Define the Azure Cloud according to a working definition This course will teach you the core benefits of using Azure, like high availability, scalability, etc. Compare and contrast an on-premises, hybrid-cloud, and all-in cloud setup Outline the broad infrastructure of the Azure Cloud, highlighting its worldwide coverage Discuss the ways that customers can take advantage of Azure’ pay-as-you-go model by paying only for what they use while taking advantage of flexible pricing options Explain the Privacy, Compliance, and Trust to make you aware of how services ensure privacy and how you can stay compliant with standards Understand how businesses can optimize their costs by subscribing to various services Who is this book for? This book is perfect for anyone looking to get started in the exciting and ever-growing field of cloud computing. Azure Cloud Engineers are in high demand right now as businesses across the globe look to transition their IT infrastructure into the cloud. This book provides an intensive yet comprehensive guide to mastering the fundamentals of Azure so that any reader can become a well-rounded Azure Cloud Engineer. Table of Contents: Chapter 01: Azures Introduction Chapter 02: Compute Chapter 03: Networking Chapter 04: Storage Chapter 05: Database Chapter 06: Authentication and Authorization Chapter 07: Azure Core Solutions Chapter 08: Security Chapter 09: Pricing Chapter 10: Privacy, Compliance, and Trust Chapter 11: Managing and Deploying Azure Resources Chapter 12: Support 2023 BONUS MATERIAL! FREE SURPRISE VOUCHER 1. Get 500 UNIQUE Practice Questions (online) to simulate the real exam. OR 2. Get FREE Exam Cram Notes (online access)


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Strategy Deployment In Business Units – Schlickel – Hard Cover

This book reveals and presents the root-causes that lead to varying improvement performances across different locations of a global positioned manufacturing organization. Conducting a multiple case study analysis of manufacturing sites around the world, the author found that the quality of the strategy deployment process is vital, especially when it is clear to all affected employees-a situation we refer to as strategy cascading. But having a sound strategy cascading alone is not enough. The author worked out that a company, which achieves to align its sound strategy cascading with the company context and leadership style of its top-management team, is likely to realize more operations improvements than do companies that missed to do so.


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Business Goes Virtual Realizing The Value Of Collaboration, Social And Virtual Strategies (The Strategic Managment Collection) Paperback – July 15, 2

Business Goes Virtual Realizing the Value of Collaboration, Social and Virtual Strategies (The Strategic Managment Collection) Paperback – July 15, 2011


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