September 23, 2023

Schlock! Webzine: Vol 16 Issue 24

In this New Year’s edition, Commander Ivanova takes the helm. In the first of five episodes from their new Dark Legacies universe, Chris ‘StokerVerse’ McAuley and Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 fame, introduce us to mech combat and social unrest on the planet Mars. We follow with more news from the publishing world. A whispering campaign is under way on Picklock Lane, while the Bassetshire police force have their hands full coping with illegal aliens. Flora and Fauna investigate the strange and inexplicable troubles that have beset their hometown while they were away adventuring with the Challenger. Dragons cause trouble in Carlton Herzog’s new story, while Kassi finds herself washed up on the shores of a deserted island. We meet monsters and mayhem in medieval India. A guitarist’s pact with the supernatural leads to unfortunate and gory consequences. Panglot ventures outside to learn that it is a very different place from what he expects. Harvey undergoes the process of memory transfer. Detective Corbin employs a demon in the pursuit of his investigations. Lem gradually comes to terms with his new situation. Three survivors of the apocalypse wage war against the leeches. Jester Thoth tells a tale of long ago. The Pe-li-tooians rise up against the human invaders. Marnie takes a keepsake from her dead parents. A dedicated killer tenders his resignation. Caitlyn struggles to escape her destiny. And the believers worship their god in ignorance of their own identity.


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