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"Getting It Exactly Right, On Her Own Terms...."

-- Gerrit Henry, Art in America

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Cornelia Foss: Ten Years of Paintings and Drawings 2003-2013

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                             Cornelia Foss

Graceful, mature...paintings full of light and a subtle geometry, Cornelia Foss's [work conveys] a quiet awe for the beauty of nature and for paint's mellifluous ability to embody it....

Ms. Foss's touch is almost offhand, as in a couple of small portraits of children and i
n bigger pictures like ''Spring Ride'' and ''Birds of Winter II"...


The New York Times
May 27, 2005


Cornelia Foss is a highly-regarded artist.  She has exhibited extensively in Europe as well as in America.  Her work is featured in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, the National Museum for Women and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., among many other public and private collections. 

Cornelia Foss is known to bring an exquisite "painterly" technique and aesthetic to her work.  She has painted portraits of many fellow artists and public figures, including Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Louis Auchincloss, John Guare, Glenn Gould, Osborn Elliott and Kenneth Koch. 

"Like many artists, including Degas, [Cornelia] Foss also paints from photographs, especially for commissioned portraits.  She explains that painting from a photograph is not better or worse than painting from real life. 'It just produces a different kind of reality.'  She continues, 'All painting is a form of abstraction since what we paint is not a real thing.  Painting from a photograph is in a sense creating an abstraction from an abstraction.'"

 -  Julia Douglas, Southampton Press, August 11, 2005

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